Released on April 3, 2024

This album is a collection of demos, B-sides, and my early musical releases. It contains tracks from albums that have already been released on Bandcamp, such as Wisp and Midten, as well as previously unheard songs.

Track quality varies throughout the entire album, as they've been made anytime in the past three years! I've still attempted to order the album to flow nicely between eras and genres. Whether I have succeeded is up to you.

I'm proud of where I am now, but I often struggle to realize my own skills. Reflecting on where I came from definitely helps—I'm able to see that I am improving, no matter how I feel. Hopefully, these tracks can help others who may struggle during their own personal journey!

Each track will specify the era they were recorded in, the DAW they were built with, and a small description as to why I made the tracks.

• "Progressive" era are demos recorded afterwards. No finished tracks were produced during this time.

• "Momentum Deceived" era contains B-sides from the album.

• "Midten" era signifies tracks before May 12, 2023. These were made to be more melodic and concise.

• "Wisp" era signifies tracks before April 24, 2022. Consists of various experiments I've done to further improve my songwriting and producing skills.

• "Collection" era signifies tracks before November 24, 2022. These tracks were my introduction to public songwriting.

A dark, ambient electronic song inspired by the likes of video game soundtracks such as Celeste. Designed to play in the background, this track attempts to mix my typically complex personal styles with the art of simplicity.

Recorded during the Midten era. Produced on GarageBand for iOS.

Prior to this track, many of my songs were very repetitive. Most of them were built off of the same chorus, melody, ambience, etc. I wanted to change this, and experimented with splitting this track into different parts, and returning to the original chorus at the end.

End of Time

The experiments have come to a close. A success has been made. It's time to move on.

This track closes out Wisp, and contains many of the techniques I've learned throughout my experimentation. It's also structured in the same way that the first (written) song in Wisp was.

I was greatly inspired by the Mirror's Edge soundtrack, as well as Fiber Bundles from Animusic.

Recorded during the Wisp era. Produced on Ableton Live.

This track unknowingly paved the way for my future album, Momentum Deceived. Its retro vibe and heavy compression made their way into my personal mixing style.


This track is very experimental, and as such may not be nice to listen to for many. Halfway through the song, the time signature starts to alternate, creating strange hangs.

Recorded during the Collection era. Produced on GarageBand for iOS.

While producing this track, I did not understand what I was doing. Only after it was released did I realize that I had written a song with time signature shenanigans. As someone who enjoys progressive music, this delighted me!


This track originated from the urge to produce a track unlike anything I've made prior. Directly inspired by D&B, this track aimed to provide a "full" sound, with sample-type percussion and instruments.

Recorded during the Midten era. Produced on GarageBand for iOS.

It's important to branch out and try new things. This was my method of doing so. In the process, I learned a lot about both the target genre and my own personal styles. This may not be D&B, but the influence is there!


The result of a challenge to compose a song in less than an hour. This restriction let me break out of my perfectionist composition style, and rather compose a full song. I believe this turned out very well, and helped me in my future compositions.

Recorded during the Collection era. Produced on GarageBand for iOS.

While Natural Decay is the first track I publicly released, Kelno was the first track I released featuring a realistic style. I believe this song falls under the genre of contemporary, with realistic and synthetic instruments intertwined.

Natural Decay

This is the first track I have released publicly. It kicked off my music production career. Its theme (and working title) was "Ambient Mystery", though that theme changed throughout its development. Biggest inspiration was C418, as heard in the percussion.

Recorded during the Collection era. Produced on GarageBand for iOS.

I still believe this track holds up to this day. I hadn't learned the art of simplicity yet, and I believed that my future tracks had to be more complex in order to prove my ability. Yet, often, the opposite is true, and this track proves it.

Sanity's Culmination

This track is greatly inspired by progressive rock. From the length to the percussion style, every aspect of this song was built to the styles of Porcupine Tree or RPWL, with my own style mixed in.

This track's "lyrics" tell the story of someone who's driven themselves to insanity, and nobody stepped in to help them. I'm not a singer, nor do I plan on singing over this track, so you'll have to imagine how they'd be sung

Recorded during the Wisp era. Produced on Ableton Live.

Not only was this my first attempt at producing a proggy song, it's also the first track I wrote lyrics for. Even if cheesy, being based on events that took place in my life, they came from the heart.

Sky (Demo)

Motivated by the works of Chris Christodoulou, this was my first demo focusing on producing a proggy sound. While sloppy, due to the fact that I haven't practiced guitar often, I believe this track successfully reproduces the soul of progressive rock.

Recorded during the Progressive era. Produced on Bitwig Studio.

Though this is a rough demo that requires lots of polish, I'm proud of what I pulled off despite my limitations. Even though I didn't own a bass, nor could I think like a drummer, I still prevailed.


A mix between an electronic and orchestral style. One of my first orchestral compositions, featuring many layers of strings and even a bassoon.

I used this track to practice orchestral songwriting, while incorporating my own styles. The percussion is also focused on being realistic and humanly playable.

Recorded during the Wisp era. Produced on GarageBand for iOS.

Produced after Continuum, another track in a similar style, this was my attempt at polishing my realistic percussion style. I wanted to implement more parts of the drum kit into my patterns, resulting in heavy use of the toms.

...and more!

This is a cherry-picked selection of tracks. Listen to more on Bandcamp!

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