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Ambient-electronic works aiming to imitate the likes of progressive rock and influential indie video game soundtracks while implementing personal styles.

Create: Estrogen

April 9, 2024

(PRE-RELEASE) The soundtrack for the Minecraft mod, "Create: Estrogen". Contains ambient music in familiar styles, as well as a secret music disc! All of these tracks are inspired by two primary sources: Minecraft and Celeste. As the mod is for Minecraft, it was of my personal belief that I had to make songs in vain of the game's existing tracks. Additionally, the mod incorporates features from the game Celeste, so I drew massive inspiration from it as well. When I started producing this album, I intended to stick to the aforementioned sources as closely as possible. However, I soon realized that would not be possible with my skills. So, instead, I excuse the differences in styles for being my own personal style. I look up to Lena Raine and C418, who both have amazing and unique musical styles. I still hope that I was able to reproduce the right vibes!


April 3, 2024

This album is a collection of demos, B-sides, and my early musical releases. It contains tracks from albums that have already been released on Bandcamp, such as Wisp and Midten, as well as previously unheard songs. Track quality varies throughout the entire album, as they've been made anytime in the past three years! I've still attempted to order the album to flow nicely between eras and genres. Whether I have succeeded is up to you. I'm proud of where I am now, but I often struggle to realize my own skills. Reflecting on where I came from definitely helps—I'm able to see that I am improving, no matter how I feel. Hopefully, these tracks can help others who may struggle during their own personal journey! Each track will specify the era they were recorded in, the DAW they were built with, and a small description as to why I made the tracks. - "Progressive" era are demos recorded afterwards. No finished tracks were produced during this time. - "Momentum Deceived" era contains B-sides from the album. - "Midten" era signifies tracks before May 12, 2023. These were made to be more melodic and concise. - "Wisp" era signifies tracks before April 24, 2022. Consists of various experiments I've done to further improve my songwriting and producing skills. - "Collection" era signifies tracks before November 24, 2022. These tracks were my introduction to public songwriting.

Momentum Deceived

January 1, 2024

The attempts to push towards my aspirations. Was this momentum towards success, or had I been deceived? Only time will tell. Momentum Deceived consists of songs that I deem "ready for publishing", which means they satisfy or surpass the perfectionism I inflict upon my creativity.


January 13, 2024

To be released as a music disc in a Minecraft mod, inspiration was drawn from the works of Lena Raine and C418. The track took on a dance vibe, which players may enjoy!

Similitude Bluff

March 10, 2024

Designed to be used in a never-existing video game. This track was produced with the idea of a boss battle in mind. Integrating a new motif, structure was a priority, to set a stage for future tracks in this style.