Create: Estrogen

Released on April 9, 2024

The soundtrack for the Minecraft mod, "Create: Estrogen". Contains ambient music in familiar styles, as well as a secret music disc!

All of these tracks are inspired by two primary sources: Minecraft and Celeste. As the mod is for Minecraft, it was of my personal belief that I had to make songs in vain of the game's existing tracks. Additionally, the mod incorporates features from the game Celeste, so I drew massive inspiration from it as well.

When I started producing this album, I intended to stick to the aforementioned sources as closely as possible. However, I soon realized that would not be possible with my skills. So, instead, I excuse the differences in styles for being my own personal style. I look up to Lena Raine and C418, who both have amazing and unique musical styles. I still hope that I was able to reproduce the right vibes!


The focus for this track is realism. I had started to source, and even create, sample libraries based on physical instruments. Prior to this song's creation, I only used synthesized instruments.

I was scared to try anything more. I didn't believe that I could pull off realistic sounding instrumentation. And yet, through trial and error, many revisions, and lots of manual automation, I believe I've done it.

When listening to the demos exported throughout this song's development, I'm proud of how this track ended up! Not only did it motivate me to start using real instrument samples, it also went through a journey of its own. Though, looking back, I would have changed how the percussion was programmed.


As this track is designed to be played in-game through a music disc, it took on a dance vibe, which players may enjoy! It's entirely based on my own styles, with little direct influence from the prior primary sources.

Produced months prior to any other track on this album, this track helped me move on from Momentum Deceived. I didn't know where to go next, and randomly decided to contact a mod author I knew. Months later, my musical palette entirely changed.

Inferred Dreams

Lena Raine's philosophy, with a focus on softness and quietness, took control of this track. I intentionally pushed myself to embrace the power of silence, and though I couldn't push myself as much as I'd prefer, compared to my previous tracks, I have achieved my goal.

Only after I had finished this track did I realize it's subconscious inspiration: C418's remix of "Atempause". I loved their rendition of the track. It had been a few months since I had last heard it, so I unfortunately didn't make the connection as soon as I'd like.

Featuring randomly generated percussion and an overlapping chord pattern, this track began as my answer to Lena Raine's "Stand Tall". I noticed how her track mastered the concept of silence, which I wanted to reproduce.

This track started with two widely spaced chords, which were then sped up and layered over the original chord pattern.

Inner Self-Realization

A short and simple piano piece featuring various motifs from the tracks prior. This almost didn't make the cut due to an unexpected deadline, yet I was able to sneak it in! I'm glad, because despite its simplicity, it's a great closer for the album.

All throughout my musical journey, I have struggled to find what makes a song "good". Even during this album's development, I would push tracks further and further, even if it hurt the end result. This is the track I held back with. I understood that more did not equal better. I now understand that complexity and instrument count are not what make a good song.


A track that was almost entirely produced and mastered in a single day. It doesn't exactly follow the styles of Lena Raine or C418, and was rather made as I went.

Despite its extremely short production time, and the fact that it was rushed, I still enjoy the end result quite a bit! It's a unique track in the album, almost serving as a transition between my older style (as seen in G03C) and the rest of the album.

Shortly after this album was released, the soundtrack for Minecraft 1.21 was also announced. I struggled to make the connection between this track and any tracks from Minecraft or Celeste until the new Minecraft tracks were released. In retrospect, I believe that I've captured the vibe of the new, extraordinary track, "Deeper". Has Lena Raine's style already impacted my own musical styles this much, or was it an amazing coincidence?

...and more!

This is a cherry-picked selection of tracks. Listen to more on Bandcamp!

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