Deferred Dreams

Released on May 16, 2024

The soundtrack for a game that's yet to exist.

This is my imagining of what I'd compose for my ideal video game! Whether this game ever makes it to release or if I'll be brought on to work on existing games is continuously unknown. Can these tracks change that?

This is essentially my resume for those interested in my work.

Beyond the Silvered Glass

Inspired by chapter five of Celeste, I attempted to create a mysterious, ambient drone.

From other musicians, I've often heard that I should take what I like from tracks I love, and implement them in my own way. I never understood when this would occur, or when it wouldn't be considered stealing.

This track changed my mind. Before development on this track began, I had reversed the track, "In the Mirror" by Lena Raine. Within is another track reversed, as well as an easter egg. During this, I noticed that the percussion sounded quite interesting in reverse.

Since this track has been inspired by Lena Raine's track, I decided to implement my own reversed shenanigans. I took what I liked from what I loved, and implemented it in my own way.


Featuring an ominous piano in reverse, this track aims to innovate within my personal musical style. As a culmination of everything I've learned thus far, I hope that this track can prove my ability!

I believe that this track represents everything I've learned thus far. It's compositionally interesting, achieves a clean, wide mix, and features unique sounds that I personally designed. I'm extremely proud of the end result!

Sight-Seeing Turbines

This track would ideally be placed after a high-stress, chaotic, intense chapter of the game. Similar to chapter four of Celeste, this is meant to be a calmer, relaxing track to go with a peaceful environment.

I personally envision a vast rolling plains at dusk, with little to no critters contributing to the soundscape. Only windmills are within view. The player is determined to continue their journey, despite the pain they've just experienced.

I've often struggled to hold myself back. I would push a track as far as it goes, maxing out its "hype level". This may be fine for songs that are meant to be listened to standalone, but this EP is designed to be used as background music.

This is my first track where I've attempted to keep a consistent "hype level" throughout the track, resulting in this beautiful, chilling track. I'm very proud of it.

Similitude Bluff

This track was produced with the idea of a boss battle in mind. Integrating a new motif, structure was a priority, to set a stage for future tracks in this style.

Weird time signatures can be cool! However, I failed the last time I tried to compose in an unusual time signature. This track changed that. I managed to program percussion that sounds real (to me), and ideally you're able to feel the "edge" brought on by it!

...and more!

This is a cherry-picked selection of tracks. Listen to more on Bandcamp!

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