Momentum Deceived

Released on January 1, 2024

The attempts to push towards my aspirations. Was this momentum towards success, or had I been deceived? Only time will tell.

Momentum Deceived consists of songs that I deem "ready for publishing", which means they satisfy or surpass the perfectionism I inflict upon my creativity.

Momentum Deceived

Featuring everything I've learned during this album's development, Momentum Deceived leads us into what's to come. With its realistic drum patterns powered by BFD3, this track paves the way for a less electronic album in the future.

Upon starting this track, my biggest goal was to produce realistic percussion. This is something I had attempted in the past, but in every case, I felt as though it was too complicated yet repetitive. I used BFD3's visualizations to think like a drummer, and write complex - yet not impossible patterns.


This album pushed me to improve in many aspects of music production. One of those being my piano skills. Order initially started through my attempts to get better at playing the keys. I ended up finding a verse and chorus melody that I enjoyed, resulting in this song's development. It was also the leading factor of inspiration for the album's cover art, with its retro 80s vibe.

As a musician, I've been learning how to play various instruments all my life. Though, one instrument I constantly pushed away was the piano. Since most of my work is synthesized through a piano roll, learning the piano could enhance my understanding of what I'm producing.


This track was based on what I had created during a sound design jam session. The "beeps" you hear during the majority of the song were created during that session and were originally designed to be played back much faster. I tried to form a track around it but wasn't pleased with how it sounded. I had the idea to slow the whole project down, resulting in this eight-minute long epic.

The most computationally complex track I've produced. The aforementioned "beeps" alone overloaded my system. This marked the beginning of my massive homemade instrument patch journey!

Precipice of Origin

From this album's inception, I had planned to include two transition tracks that would lead into and out of Midten, which I've now released separately. Despite this, I still liked the idea of transitioning into two halves of the album, ideally through minimalistic tracks. This resulted in such a simple yet ambient song.

A calming melody with an epic chorus. Despite its simplicity, this track went through many hours of slight tweaks in order to make each instrument intertwined.

So Far

After I had completed Visionary, I was in the mood to create something calmer. This ended up taking an orchestral direction, which I ended up scrapping due to it not fitting in well within the rest of the album. Instead, I deleted every instrument, keeping only the notes I had placed down, and created a percussion track. This new version of the track had a similar vibe to the rest of the album, which I'm quite proud of.

It's important to understand when it might be time to cut your losses and start over. I had considered just pushing onwards with the initial sound of the track, yet I decided that I wouldn't be as happy with the final product, which wasn't worth it.

...and more!

This is a cherry-picked selection of tracks. Listen to more on Bandcamp!

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